7 Things You Should Boast About

All boasting is not wrong! God desires that you boast DAILY in at least 7 areas: -


  1. Boast daily that the Creator of the universes is your Heavenly Father:

So boast daily that you are LOVED by Father God who designed & desired you.


  1. Boast daily that The Blood of Resurrected Lord Jesus, God’s son still has power to save, heal, guard and protect:

Hence I am curse free & panic proof, hence SLEEP stealers, PEACE BREAKERS, DISCOMFORT & irritators are now allowed in my home.


  1. Boast daily that Holy Spirit is your Senior Partner and Holy Spirit speaks, reveals, releases, restrains, and imparts:  HENCE boast that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit & I hear His voice daily.


  1. Bible has no error and is the will of God and the voice of God:

Hence call those things that are not as they were. Hence I mix my every prayer with two Bible verses. Heb 4:2,12.


  1. Boast about your Pastors, your Church, your Commitment:

I have set my affection on the house of my God (1Chron 29:3). I love the habitation of your house and the place where your glory dwells. (Ps 26:8) (Mat 10:41) (2 Tim 5:17)


  1. Boast about your Family - parents, spouse, children and vice versa:

Therefore, boast daily that your FAMILY IS a gift of God to you and you are gift of God to your parents, spouse and to church of Jesus Christ. Hebrew 13:7,17.


  1. Boast of who you are in Him, your calling and where you are going:

Philemon 6, Hebrew 3:1, and 6: Boast that you are a tither, believer and good steward of His time and you will live long as healthy, pain and discomfort free to fulfill my ‘THREEFOLD CALLING”.