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7 Things You Should Boast About

God Desires That You Boast DAILY in at least 7 areas: - All boasting is not wrong!


  1. Boast daily that the Creator of the universes is your Heavenly Father:

               And boast that you are LOVED by Father God who designed and desired you.


  1. Boast daily that The Blood of Resurrected Lord Jesus, God’s son still has the power to save, heal, guard and protect:

               Hence, you are curse free and panic proof. The SLEEP stealers, PEACE BREAKERS, DISCOMFORT causers and irritators are not allowed in your home.


  1. Boast daily that Holy Spirit is your Senior Partner and Holy Spirit speaks, reveals, releases, restrains, and imparts:                                                                    HENCE your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit & I hear His voice daily.


  1. Boast that the Bible has no error and is the will of God and the voice of God:

              Hence call those things that are not as they were. Add to every prayer two Bible verses. Hebrews 4:2,12.


  1. Boast about your Pastors, your Church, your Commitment:

              I have set my affection on the house of my God (1Chronicles 29:3).                                                                                                                                                           I love the habitation of your house and the place where your glory dwells. (Psalms 26:8) (Matthew 10:41) (2 Timothy 5:17)


  1. Boast about your Family - parents, spouse, and children.

              Therefore, boast daily that your FAMILY IS a gift of God to you and you are gift of God to your parents, spouse and to church of Jesus Christ. Hebrew 13:7,17.


  1. Boast of who you are in Him, your calling and where you are going:

Philemon 6, Hebrew 3:1, and 6: Boast that you are a tither, believer and good steward of His time and you will live long as healthy, pain and discomfort free to fulfill my ‘THREEFOLD CALLING”.

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